Nothel – a bit too cosy to be called a hotel


Nothel is closed due to the state of emergency.

Until it ends we strongly suggest you to feel at home at home.


Live in a hotel, feel like at home

If you were to wake up in our hotel room, you probably would not know that you are in a hotel. Most of our rooms come with a kitchen and all the rooms feel homey.

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You need to log in, not check in

We decided to get rid of all unnecessary obstacles on your way of getting to your room. So instead of going through a check-in process, all you need to do is log in with your smartphone and the door will open. Upon departure, you just need to close the door behind you. That will be easy as well since our doors are light.

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So silent like no one’s home

Your room is exactly as silent as you want it to be. Since the town center is very close, you would hear football fans singing when passing under your window. Not in Nothel. Not with the sound isolation we have chosen. Unless you want to the sound to be carried to your room. In that case, just open your window or start singing yourself.

You don’t need to cab it

Nothel is located in the center of town and a tram will bring you straight to the hotel from the airport (a good 20-minute ride, if you can imagine). The bustling town center is so close that it is quicker to walk there than to take a cab.

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