Nothel does not offer breakfast, so we compiled a list of places we are proud to recommend


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    Located on the ground floor, so you can keep your slippers on.


  • Reval Café

    Step out of Nothel. Turn left and walk 150 m following the coffee scent trail. There it is, with breakfasts and everything else.

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  • Caffeine

    200 m from Nothel. Offers good coffee, tasty cheese cakes, light snacks and sandwiches.

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  • Rukis

    A cute café on Viru Street, the main street of Tallinn’s Old Town. It often pops up on the lists of Tallinn’s best breakfast spots. Then again, we don’t see locals there very often. It is a 10-minute walk from Nothel, just about 650 m away.

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  • RØST

    Two stops on a tram (when looking right from Nothel) and you have reached the border of the Rotermann Quarter. Tucked away in there is RØST, a small bakery with incredible coffee and pastries. If you want to walk, get ready for a 1.2 km leg stretcher.

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  • NOP 

    Brunch is always a good idea, especially when you are not in a hurry. This place is doted on by the locals. Distance from Nothel: 2.2 km. Best way to get there? Jump on tram number 3 that stops just in front of Nothel.

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Restaurants or recommendations we recommend

Tallinn has restaurants that allure people back to this country. Tallinn has restaurants that don’t hold a candle to a microwave. In order to end up in the right place, check out restaurant recommendations from here:

Food shops we can vouch for

  • Westman is the closest one. It is literally next door to Nothel. Just look left when stepping out of the front door and the shop’s sign is there. This is a 24/7 food shop for all the basics. Like toothpaste and tights.

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  • Mini Rimi

    just across the road from Nothel, on Floor 0 of Finest Business Center. They have all the basics covered and also have a salad bar and a fresh pastry counter.

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  • Delice in Solaris Center

    the closest food shop with a rich array of foods. Only 500 m from Nothel. Ready-made meals also available.

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  • Balti Jaama Turg on aga kohustuslik neile, kes soovivad toidutegemise põhjalikumalt ette võtta. Linna üks parimaid lihavalikuid, kalasaal ja suvisel ja varasügisesel hooajal ka väga uhke kohaliku värske kraami valik. Sekka juustu, itaalia tooteid, maitsvaid küpsetisi ja muud.

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Stomach full and feeling bored?

If you are up for immersing yourself in some culture, you can check out events on This platform sells tickets for all the biggest and most important events in Tallinn.

Full of food and culture? Time for a walk!

This is not the fanciest entertainment option but according to the World Health Organisation, Tallinn is among the cleanest capital cities in the world. Enjoy collecting those steps!